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Singing, Piano, Clarinet

My main strength as a singing teacher is working with students who are up and running in a choir or other performing activities and would like to work on improving their technique and vocal freedom.  I also have experience with young voices, voice rehabilitation, performance coaching, and exam preparation.  In lessons I focus primarily on building a secure vocal technique in exercises and suitable repertoire. In essence this means establishing a good posture, a free and efficient projection, and a consistency of tone across the full vocal and dynamic range.  This increasingly provides students a good foundation to explore and realise their creative and expressive goals in personal practice, group singing, and/or dramatic performance.  I am a full member of AOTOS (www.aotos.org.uk) and welcome singing students at all levels.


I also teach piano and clarinet at beginner/intermediate (grade 1-8) stages.  In particular, I have often had success encouraging young students through the first few years of their piano journey :-).

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Tel: 07733 432894